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Hooray Heroes

I'm a collector of many things, including books. My "collections" only got bigger after having my little ones. My grandmother kept all the things she could for my mother, her siblings, and her grandkids. My mother did the same, and well - here I am, keeping everything imaginable, or trying too. I have all of their "first" outfits from coming home to holiday outfits, and more. There is just something so bittersweet about all of these tiny things that they only wear for a short period of time. I have their first books and baby books put away, and we love our growing book collection.
After having our first, I remember telling my mama that my life had never started moving so fast. She looked at me and smiled, knowing how I felt. As parents we know they are supposed to grow up, develope their own little personalities, make mistakes, learn, venture, worry us, make us proud, maybe get married, possibly make us grandparents (a very long time from now), and eventually start their own little collections.
In my family there are things my mama collected for me that were passed down to me as I got older. I'm hoping to be able to do the same with my babies. In fact, our oldest, Vaeh who is 5, has already somewhat started her own collection. She loves collecting Art. Whether she makes the picutres at school or home, she saves every piece, and I love it. Our son, Nathan who is only 2, has started a collection of cars, or maybe that was me. Ooops.
One thing I do plan to always hold on to is their custom book from Hooray Heroes. These books are custom designed to fit the traits, and they tell the cutest short stories. Back in August of 2018, I saw an AD for Hooray Heroeson Facebook as I was scrolling through, and was in awe. I quickly tapped the link and followed the instructions to customize a siblings book for our kiddos. I wanted the book to tell a story. A story that would read from the time they woke up, how their day went, and bed-time. I had originally planned to order for Christmas, as that being their "together" gift.
Months flew by, of course with my daughter starting school and everything else we had going on after purchasing our home, we got super busy. I was contacted in January of this year to work with them on their newest addition, a birthday surprise book. I still had my heart set on the siblings book, so that's what I did. Not only did I finally get to have this awesome customized siblings book, I also ordered the siblings board game which was only an additional $10.00, and is the cutest little game.
When their book arrived in the mail, I was so thrilled! I couldn't wait until we had some down time to sit together so that I could read them their newest collective book that had their names and characters inside! Which was something they had no idea about. We sat down before dinner that day and I began reading, Vaeh looked at me with a huge smile on her face when she saw the little girl had red hair and smiled even bigger when she realized the book was about her and her little brother and their "adventures" together. I continued reading and as I got closer to the end, I had never had a childrens book make me sob like a baby with big happy tears.
Hooray Heroesis one of my favorite companies that I have ever worked with, and they gave us an awesome addition to our book collection. If y'all haven't checked them out, their customization is unbelievable, imaginitave, and over all worth it. They have added awesome new features, and I can't wait to personalize a book for both of our littles to pass down to them some day individually.
Below are some pictures I took of our kiddos with their custom siblings book personalized by me, created by Hooray Heroes.

XOXO - Chels