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Lake Winnepesaukah: First Day of Summer

(I received this day trip for a review, but all opinions are my own. This is a sponsored post by Lake Winnie.)
It's officially Summer, and I am so thrilled to share how we spent the first day of Summer on Friday, June 21st, 2019! Whether you are looking for fun activities to do or some tips and tricks for traveling or taking the kids out for a fun - filled day, you're all in for a treat!
So, the night before the first official day of Summer, I took the time to get everything ready. Knowing we would be outside for hours, at an amusement park/water park, I wanted to be 100% sure that I had everything we might need, while also tryring to keep it as minimal as possible. You can never pack minimal when having kids, let's be real. Even if it's just for a day, it's just impossible, or so it seemed to be. On the plus side, my mom had made plans to spend the day with us.
I made sure that my little ones headed to bed early so they would be rested and ready to go as early as possible the next morning. Little did they know, we were heading to Lake Winnie! This fun family - oriented amusement park originally opened on June 1st, 1925, and got it's name Lake Winnepesaukah - meaning "Bountiful Waters" or in other words, "Beautiful Lake of the Highlands". I've been going to Lake Winnie since I was my daughter's age, and it just gets better each time we visit. They have tons of rides, water slides, dining, and so much more!
[caption id="attachment_401" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]Lake Winnie[/caption]
With everything already packed and loaded in the car, there wasn't much to do other than get ready and hop in the car to head out for the day. We arrived at Lake Winnieat 11:30 AM on the dot. We unloaded, got my son's stoller - bike out, which we received a lot of compliments on while we were there! I've used all kinds of strollers, and his Batman stroller - bike is amazing! Follow me on Instagram for an upcoming giveaway for one of these amazing 4 in 1 bikes!
Once we got everything ready to go, we walked up to the entrance and met with Braian, the social media specialist for Lake Winnie. Braian was so energized, up-beat, and had an all around awesome personality and had lots to share with us during our 15 minute tour. Of course for those of you who know my sweet - spunky girl, she was talking up a storm, and he was answering all of her little questions!
After our tour, we got us a table under their pavillion to store our cooler and other items. They have TONS of picnic tables for small groups even HUGE groups as well. Best part, nobody messes with your things. They do have park employees who walk the park and interact with the guests, helping them with anything they might need.
First on our to-do list were the water slides! The kids were ready to run to those slides to start slipping, sliding, splashing, and playing. We hopped aboard the train to take us over to the water park side. While riding the train, we got to hear about some of Lake Winnie'shistorical facts over the intercom and see everything around the outskurts of the park. We rode over a little bridge that took us past the "Atique Cars" or Old-Timey Cars- which is what myself and my family have always called them. After circling around the antique cars, the train takes us between the Chill Down Kidtown play area and the Jukebox Junction.
[caption id="attachment_402" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]Antique Cars[/caption]
Chill Down Kidtown was added as a way to keep cool and chill out on those extra hot Summer days back in 2008. The concerts are out of this world, and they have had some amazingly talented artists take the stage in this small little town! As you're passing by you can also see a few of the other rides as well. We got to see the Bumper Cars, Orbiter, Genie, which lead us directly under the biggest roller coaster at Lake Winniecalled, Cannon Ball. The Cannon Ball originally took 6 years to plan, for a lifetime of thrill rides! This coaster is actually one of my all - time favorites, and is super fast hitting the hills at almost 50 mph!
[caption id="attachment_403" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]You can see a glimpse of the Cannon Ball directly behind the Paratrooper![/caption]
Once the train took us under the coaster, we then arrived at the SOAKya Water Park. We exited the train to find us some chairs and a table for our things we brought specifically for the water park amenities. My daughter was beyond ready to check out the Winnie 500 - bright and colorful slides that are 50 feet in the air and 300 feet long. Back in the day, this mama would be the one running to do all of the rides and slides, so my daughter wanted to watch me go down first. As I was heading up the stairs to come down, I thought - "this is high and by now I am officially breaking a sweat, I can't wait to hit this slide"! I get to the very top, look down and the view is incredible! The lifegaurd then explains how to slide, then - 3, 2, 1 ... sliding so fast and then SPLASH - there went my hat and shades as that first slide took me right back to my childhood! I didn't mind one bit, I was as cool as a cucumber after that water hit me. My kids and mom got a kick out of me coming down that slide.
[caption id="attachment_410" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]SOAKya Water Park[/caption][caption id="attachment_411" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]Lazy River[/caption][caption id="attachment_412" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]Beautiful Cabanas[/caption][caption id="attachment_404" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]Winnie 500[/caption]
Now that mama got cooled off, they were ready to check out the SOAK - N - SLIDE area. My son's favorite spot, we couldn't get him away from those slides without him having a meltdown, but who could blame him? They have 4 water slides that are amazing for kids I would say atleast ages 2-3 and up. With 3 mini version slides of the Winnie 500, a twisty slide, and lots of elements within the water areas where the kids can play and stay cool for hours.
[caption id="attachment_405" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]SOAK - N - SLIDE[/caption]
My daughter, who is almost 6, decided it was time for some bigger slides so she and I headed to TWIST - N - SHOUT to double up on the tubes! Climbing up to the top, she got more and more excited and couldn't wait to come down the first slide. We get to the bottom, she says, "let's do that again"! So, up we went and this time we did the open slide which was an amazing experience for the both of us, as we had never slid down an open slide. They also have SPLISH - N - SPLASH, where you slide without a float, and those are just as awesome!
By this time, we were all soaked, feeling good, and ready for some lunch. With the fun - filled Friday we were having, the kiddos received complimentary Dippin' Dots on behalf of Braian, Lake Winnie'ssocial media specialist! Literally, the sweetest thing! Yes, pun intended. They are huge fans of anything Ice Cream, as most kids are. After we scooped up the treats, we headed to the pavillion for some lunch.
[caption id="attachment_406" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]Coolin’ off with some Dippin’ Dots[/caption]
As soon as the kids were finished, they were ready to ride all of the Kiddie Rides. They got to ride cars, motorcycles, boats, elephants, parachutes, ladybugs, even a whale! They were having a blast! They even made a little friend while riding the whale, which is a smaller version of the Pirate Ship. Those kids were laughing, high-fiving, and throwing their hands in air like they didn't care!
After we finished up with the Kiddie Rides, we got us some Sno-Kones to keep us cool while waiting for the train to make its way back around. While waiting at the train station, my son saw a Funnel Cake and gave this nice man a thumbs up, because let's be real, Funnel Cakes are the bomb! We heard the train coming, and the kids were filled with joy. This time, we were in the very front row, right behind the conductor - so exciting! We were on our way back to SOAKyafor some more splishing - n - splashing.
[caption id="attachment_407" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]All Aboard![/caption]
We hit the slides again at the SOAK - N - SLIDE, while my son enjoyed the mini racing slides, my daughter zoomed down the twisty slide. My mom cooled off as she watched them slide back and forth again and again, while I took the time to capture some of the sweetest pictures that we will have as memories for a lifetime.
[caption id="attachment_408" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]SLIPPIN’ - N - SLIDIN’[/caption][caption id="attachment_409" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]SPLISHIN’ - N - SPLASHIN’[/caption]
After we all got soaked again, the kids were thirsty so we lined up at the Carrousel Cafe to get some refreshments. We were getting things wrapped up and ready to go at this point, but the kids noticed one ride they for sure had to ride before we left, the Wacky Worm! It was so much fun as we were all riding, the kids got to experience a little slice of what the Cannon Ball is like. Not to mention, how cute the Wacky Worm is with the daisies all around.
W a C k Y ~ W o R m Daisies for Days
By this time, we had ful - filled our to do list, at least most of it, and were ready to head home with stories, memories, and sun - kissed faces. We had an amazing time at Lake Winnie, and cannot wait to go back! Special thanks to Lake Winnieand Braian for making this day absolutely wonderful!
To all of my readers, thank you for taking the time to read about our day, and about this all around awesome park that our peach state has to offer! Near or far, if you ever find yourself in town, be sure to stop by Lake Winniefor a special treat!
  1. Pack everything and get your car loaded the night before. Trust me - doing this makes that next morning a breeze!
  2. Don't overpack, but don't forget the sunscreen! We didn't forget, but in case you do, they do have a few cute gift shops setup with sunscreen and souvenir items to take on the road!
  3. Create a schedule and set reminders. I had created a schedule with reminders on my phone a few days in advance to make the day easier with my kiddos. I timed the sunscreen applications so I would know when to re-apply. I also created the schedule to ensure we would get to experience as much as possible.
  4. Don't wear a hat or sunglasses on those super fast slides - those waves might carry them away.
  5. Take lots and lots of pictures. Lake Winnie's history is absolutely beautiful, and some of the older images are stunning and amazing to look at. Plus, you will cherish those fun - filled days forever.
  6. If you have a little one small enough to ride in a stroller, take it. I know, we all like to let them do their own thing and walk along with us, but that stroller will come in handy, trust me! Better yet, if you have a wagon, take it! Not only for them to ride in, but also for pushing/pulling around those extra backpacks, bags, etc.
  7. Try the food! It's so delicious, and they have lots of goodies!
  8. Weekends are awesome days to go, but weekdays are just as great.
  9. Drink lots of H2O! Thats a given.
  10. Last but not least - smile, laugh, and SOAK up all of the fun you can!
You can check out their website for information on amentities, prices, and much more here. Be sure to navigate to the history tab and check that out as well! Follow their Instagram here for continious updates, as they have a SPOOKtacular event every October for Halloween (SOAKya closed)!
See y'all on my next blog!
XO - Chels