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Slime City - Atlanta

(I received this day trip for a review, but all opinions are my own. This is a sponsored post byNick's Slime City of Atlanta). 
Talk about every 90's kid's dream, right? I remember being little watching Nickelodeonand seeing all of those kids who were the same age as me on TV getting slimed. As I watched, I thought, I wish I could be right up there with them getting covered in that green slime! So when I saw that Slime Cityhad made it's way to Atlanta, Georgia, I knew I had to take my kiddos! Before I became a mom, I always told my self that I would try as best as I could to instill some memorable pieces of my childhood into my kid's lives.
I didn't have to try too much, as it seems history is indeed repeating itself. Slime is back, and more popular than ever! Both of my kiddos are beyond obsessed. I knew that Slime Citywould be a perfect way for us to spend a Saturday! What made it even better, my best friend and her little family got to spend the day with us as well! Our daughter's are basically twins and joined at the hip when they are together, as you'll notice in the pictures below.
All week long, my oldest kept asking, "Are we going to Slime Citytomorrow mom?!", at least a few times a day. She was excited, her brother knew something big was happening, and my husband and I were looking forward to the weekend as well.
Saturday morning we got up early, and headed to Slime City, and the kids were back at it again with the questions. Are we there yet? Is that Slime City? Can you drive faster? They were anxious to get to Atlanta and dive into the slime! We got there around 2 o'clock, and the first thing we noticed was the huge SLIME CITYsign on the outside that looked like actual slime dripping. As we were walking into the front lobby, we heard music, kids cheering, singing, countdowns, and more! The whole entire lobby had everyone so hyped and ready to go!

We got our VIP passes and the kids thought that was the coolest thing ever until they heard one of the slime members chanting "WE ARE VIP"! They turned around, saw the VIP slime booths and their faces lit up with so much excitement. They even started chanting with them. Being at Slime City, it's like walking down the red carpet. It's definitely an awesome experience.

We hopped in line to enter the first room of Slime City, and they had tiers of colored dripping slime where you could sit down and wait while in line. We utilized the seats to capture some super cute pictures of the kids and the joy on their faces. The walls were white with green outlined shapes of all of the best Nickelodeoncharacters!

As soon as we entered the first room, the first thing we noticed was this spout above us that looked like slime had been sprayed out. This room had a huge TV and intercom telling us what to expect, what to do, what not to do, and even tricked us into thinking we were getting our picture made as a group! Before continuing on this slime journey, we were given game cards where we had to fill in the blanks. Each room had a character with a letter hidden somewhere. A complete card meant that was your ticket to slime! We were all set for our Slime Citytour!

The second room had a PVC pipe structure setup to spell out SLIME, with slime dripping all around them, out of them, right behind plexiglass. First, we had to get the slime going, so the kids headed to the wall to start turning and spinning the levers, pressing buttons, and more to get that slime dripping! It was like a huge DIYslime factory. The kids then got to stick their hands through the holes of the plexiglass to feel the slime coming down and loved it! I know you're thinking, so messy?! Obviously slime is messy, but they are well prepared! They have towels, cloths, and towel drops.

I believe all of the adults were just as excited as our kiddos were. We were like kids in a candy store with all of our 90's kids dreams coming true. Excited to see the next and third room, we entered a mesmerizing neon plastered filled room with a wall covered like a black board where you could make your mark, sign your name, draw something, it was amazing! In this room the kids had an old school dance - offbattle where all of the parents cheered each of the kids on as they flossed, made up their own moves, smiled, and just danced enjoying the cheering from all of the parents.

We entered the fourth room to see the "Great Wall of Slime"where you could hide in the slime (pipes) making whatever shape with your body you wanted, or even use props they had like the heart below. It was fun to watch all of the kids strike a pose in the "slime".

We immediately noticed the fifth room and our jaws dropped! The Kid's Choice Awardsroom! The walls covered with iconic characters from our childhood and theirs! We look to our left and we saw the Nickelodeon blimp, yes the blimp! Of course we had to get lots of cute pictures, as this room literally made us feel like we were right there at the Kid's Choice Awards! We even got the chance to look through the kaleidoscope blimp award!

At this point we thought we'd seen it all, and we were having a blast. As we walked towards the hallway to our right, we noticed a giant bubble wand. We get into the sixth room and in the center there's a HUGE bubble bottle with a HUGE bottle of slime being poured into the bottle. Giant bubbles hanging from the ceiling gave this whole room a slime - retro vibe and it was just amazing.

After exiting the slime bubble room, we entered the seventh room, the Slime Lab. The kids were ready to get their hands sticky while making their own slime to take home. They have the cutest little stations set up with slime cups, slime, liquid mix, gems, and more to make your slime exactly how you want it. My daughter loves making slime, so she was on cloud nine making her own slime at Slime City!

Once you get your slime made, you get to play! The eight room is ALL green, filled with green tire swings everywhere, hanging strips of "slime", and a merry-go-round right in the center. Every kid's dream park! They absolutely loved the tire swings!

Pulling them from the best park ever, we went into this darker room that had cubbies in the front for shoes. The ninth room in the back was all lit up in neon green, with this fabric sea of slime awaiting for them to crawl everywhere as they looked up to giant shimmering green slime dripping down! The kids were back and forth while listening to the cheerful laughs, countdowns, and more coming from the tenth room.

They got a little curious as to what was going on through the curtain so they were ready to head to the next room! As soon as you enter, everyone is hyping you up because it's "Time for Slime"! Surprisingly, my kids wanted to watch me get slimed as they stood with their daddy in the audience. Alright 90's kid let's get up here and do this slime thing! It's your time to slime. I got my poncho on and ready, walked up to the booth and stood next to my best friend. We heard, "let me hear you say, Oh Yeah! - 5, 4, 3, 2, 1"- out comes the slime straight on top of my head dripping down to my feet and it was so gooey and I guess you could say my dream of being slimed had been fulfilled. My husband and our kiddos thought mama getting slimed was one of the funniest things they had ever seen.

As I got cleaned up, the kiddos got to get some ice cream from the slime store. Overall, Slime Citywas an amazing experience for the whole family. One for the books, and a day that we will never forget! My oldest is already asking to go back!

Slime Citywill be located in Atlanta until September 1st! If you're local, go get slimed and have a slime - tastictime! Be sure to check our their website herefor their other locations and where they will be headed towards next! You can also check out their Instagram here!
XO - Chels