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There is a reason why.

Let's start from the beginning. I met my husband almost seven years ago. Our story is not romantic, as in how we met, the life we have made is romantic, sweet, and beautiful. To say the least, we were introduced by a mutual friend. We both had recently gotten out of toxic relationships. While we were both vulnerable, we took our chances, and decided to officially meet after texting and talking on the phone for a bit.
The night of our first date, October 17th, 2011, it was late in the evening so it was already starting to get dark. We had never met, I was super nervous. I wasn't nervous to meet him at first, I was more worried about being around someone I honestly didn't really know. Talk about taking chances, right?
He didn't know exactly how to get to my house, which I still lived at home at that time in my life, so my cousin actually took me to meet him. I want to say he drove me to meet him because he was just being protective of me meeting some "random dude", and going to leave with him. Not to mention, my cousin has always been like a brother to me, so I guess I would expect that from him. We pull into this small gas station that's in a little town here in Georgia, and yes I said gas station. I told you it wasn't romantic. I remember that he told me he would be in a blue s10, a little truck. I see the truck first, as we pull closer, I see him standing there getting gas. He was wearing blue jeans and a striped polo, and very handsome. At this point I started getting very nervous. Thoughts were racing through my mind like crazy. What if he doesn't like me, what if I'm too vulnerable, clingy, not funny enough, or what if he doesn't find me attractive? He sees the car, us, me, and he just kind of grinned. It was cute, that showed me that he was a little nervous too. Believe me, if he ever read this, which he won't, but I can read it to him (he's not a big reader), he would say, "I wasn't nervous at all, you were the one who was nervous", sure babe. I get out of the car, walk over to him, we smile and laugh, he asked me if I was ready, I said yeah let's go, and off we went.
We had planned to go to dinner. We ate at one of my favorite restaurants, because he told me to choose. I love Mexican food, and for the first time in my life I had a straight forward answer for what I wanted to eat. I didn't want to seem like one of those girls who just didn't have the slightest clue of what she wanted, at first anyways. He can ask me today about what I want to eat, and we'll go back and forth for at least five minutes. So we're at the restaurant having dinner, and I could barely eat because of how nervous I was. I naturally assumed he would insist on paying, so I started thinking, if I don't eat more, I'm just waisting his money. Overall, the dinner was going very well. It went so well in fact, that we decided to go see a movie afterwards.
We saw Paranormal Activity 3. A horror film, nice. The theater was packed, and I still remember sitting in the very top row, trying to watch the movie, but also thinking about him and how nice the evening had been so far. I didn't want the movie to end. We exited the theater, and he's driving me home, we're talking some more and laughing. We get to my house, and he walks me to my porch. We both agreed that we had so much fun, and he would text me when he got home. It was so late. Almost midnight by this time, and he had to work the next day.
For the next 2 weeks, we texted, talked, we even went for another movie. We weren't "official" at this point. We were, I guess you could say, just getting to know each other. On October 24th, 2011, we went to see Footloose (the remake), and we were the only ones inside the theater. It was so nice, and no, we were taking things pretty slow, at least up until that night. I had to go to the restroom, so I walked down the stairs and through the door. When I came back and started up the steps, there was music playing from the movie, so I just started smiling and dancing my way up the stairs. He tells me that's when he fell in love with me. I have to agree, that night was full of love and laughter between two people who weren't even together, yet.
The movie ends, and we walk out to our cars. We had actually drove separate because we knew it would be late, and due to him having to work that next morning. We were talking by our cars, with not a single soul insight. Then, he asked me. He asked me to officially be his girlfriend. I obviously said yes, because well here we are. Then he asked me if he could kiss me, and the rest is history. Don't get ahead of yourself, it was just a simple kiss.
Our first picture together, October 2011.
Although we may had been vulnerable, I think we really needed each other at that point in our lives. Everyone always thinks, why couldn't I have met you sooner? God has a purpose when he puts people into your life and when he puts them into your life.
Our most recent picture, June 2018 - I love you so much goofball 😘
For me, during that time I was going through a very tough time after finding out my grandmother had cancer. She also had COPD, among other things. She was and will always be my hero. She was my best fiend, my rock, my whole life, and much more. She had to be put in the hospital about a week or so before I met him. The night of our second movie, we actually went to see her before heading over to the movie theater. She had already heard so much about him because I had been up there every single day. She got to meet him that night, and she was happy for me. Trust me, that was genuine, and made me feel so happy. I loved having her approval. It made me feel like I was doing something right, something good.
On our third movie date, November 5th, 2011, I can't even remember what we saw. We did have a great time, but it got so late so fast. I had seen my grandmother earlier that day, and I remember her asking me what I was all dolled upfor. Even though, she knew. When I saw her, I wanted some time with just her because in my heart, I knew. I sat down beside her, and tried as hard as I could, while fighting through the tears, to talk to her. I wanted her to know how much she meant to me, that I loved her more than life itself, and that I knew she had to go. I also wanted her to know that I would be okay. That was one of the hardest moments in my whole entire life.
After the movie ended, we went back to my house, and he came inside to stay for a bit. It was past midnight, and technically he should have already been at home, but he stayed. I didn't ask him to stay, he just stayed. Now, I know why. The house phone rang, and it never rings that late. I knew. It was hard to move or even think about what life without her would be like. It was like everything was just going so slowaround me. He stayed with me the whole time, there for me, for my family, and I thank God every day for that.
There is a reason why.
Our last picture together, November 2011. I still miss and love you every day, Mamaw. Oh how I wish you could be here to see my babies, to hug them and me. But I know that you got to see them first, and I'm definitely okay with that. RIP ♥️

XO - Chels

Previously Written - September 28th, 2018