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Tiny Tags that tell a Story

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I've been contemplating, like I always do, on this blog. So it's definitely taken me a bit to find the right words to put together to tell this "story".
I'm sure some of you are already wondering, what are Tiny Tags?
Tiny Tags is a beautiful company dedicated mostly to celebrating children and the journey of motherhood. However, they also dedicate special necklaces in remembrance of little ones, or as a symbol of strength for those dealing with a personal hardship.
I had the greatest opportunity to work with Tiny Tags, and I must say, their rep team is immaculate. Not only were they quick to respond, but they are so passionate about Tiny Tags, and your choice of personalization.
My Tiny Tag Story:
Originally, I had been talking with Kate, one of their sweetest media specialists, and had asked for the Gold Skinny Bar Necklacewith my husband's, daughter's, and son's names on the necklace.
Matt + Vaeh + Nathan
Then it occurred to me, that their name Tiny Tags would actually make a better fit for two other names very near and dear to my heart.
Short Backstory:
In November 2018, a week before Thanksgiving, we lost our smallest fur baby, Raven. I had gotten very close with Raven, who was actually our daughter's pup. Needless to say, that was a very rough day for me/us. While I was extremely broken-hearted, my main concern was Vaeh, who is only 5. I questioned myself, "How do I explain this to a little girl who is only 5?". I just told her the truth. I cried, she cried, but she understood. She honestly took it better than I thought she would, and I honestly believe it's because I told her the truth. She still talks about things Raven would do from time to time, and it melts my heart.
In January of this year, a week before my husband's birthday, we lost our biggest and at that time only fur baby, Zeus. That day was completely opposite from the tragic day back in November. Zeus was a lot bigger than Raven, and let's just say he was a fighter. I will also say, my anxiety was through the roof that day.
Zeus is now buried beside Raven in our backyard where they used to play. Saying that or even writing that is very hard. If you want the full story of our pups, and that anxious filled day (minus the negative details) see my previous blog, When Life Happens.
At the last minute, I realized who's names I wanted, no - needed, on that necklace. Fur babies are family too, and Raven & Zeus will always hold a special place in our hearts. So I emailed Kate back really quickly to ask if I could make a last minute change. Quick to respond, she showed compassion for me and said, "How about we put your husband's and kids' names on the front, and your fur babies names on the back with hearts in between."
Matt Vaeh Nathan
Raven Zeus

Honestly, I was blown away. With tears in my eyes as I emailed them back to thank them and say YES THAT WOULD BE PERFECT, I was so happy.
I received my Tiny Tag box in the mail, and as I opened it, joy filled my heart. I mean, I know these little heart necklaces will make you happy, but Tiny Tags takes the cake. I am in love with my necklace. These last few months have been strange without Raven running around, and even quieter without Zeus. The hole in my heart is filled with love and remembrance thanks to Tiny Tags.
Check them out below, and order today. You won't regret it.
Tiny Tags
Much Love - Chels ♥️