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Budget Friendly Boo Baskets


Boo Baskets
Budget Friendly Boo Baskets

Hey hey, friends!

The countdown is officially on, as we are only 9 days away from Halloween! Although this year will be a tad bit different for most, we are all still excited over here and plan to make the best of it.

We are still hosting our annual Halloween party, accompanied by a few guests, with lots of SPOOKY decor, tricks + treats, and more! I also decided to throw some DIY Boo Basket gift sets into the mix for my littles! 

I decided to keep their baskets minimal and simple, and actually got everything I needed for both my daughter and son from our local Dollar General for under $15! All of their Halloween products have been marked down, and are now 50% off!

I decided to grab 2 of their plastic Halloween cauldrons to use as their baskets, and got them both for $1.00.


TISSUE PAPER x 1: This will go into the bottom of the basket(s), and you will or should have some left over for additional use if needed.

CANDY: Favorite candy or candy mixture, whichever you prefer. I decided to go with HARIBO SWEET or SCARY MIX, because those are their absolute favorite! (I linked this candy from Wal-Mart because after price checking, it's a tad bit cheaper!)

DRINK-WARE: They had red and black plastic skull cups, and I just could not pass them up!

STRAWS: I love the striped straws. I am a sucker for them, no matter the season. I got them their own set of straws, as they will go through them in no time.

ACCESSORIZE: For my son, I got the white skulls necklace. For my daughter, I decided to go with the purple bats. These necklaces have 3 settings and are super cute!

GLOW STICKS: I chose the green hand for my son, and the 3 colored necklace for my daughter.

CRAFT: I got them each a Halloween painting craft that I am so excited to help them with! I chose the pumpkin and a cat. Once painted, I'll be sure to share to my Insta stories!

ACTIVITY BOOK: I picked up these super cute activity books that contain stickers, puzzles, blank coloring pages, and more!

TOY: I got them both 1 toy each, just something they really love. I got the Lava/Slime Lamp for my daughter, and the Bop Bag for my son. So much nostalgia, no doubt. I remember having multiple Lava Lamps as a kid, and the Bop Bags as well.


These were so fun to put together, and getting everything all in one place made it so much easier. Super cute, simple, and filled with all of their favorites! I cannot wait to gift their Boo Baskets to them on the night before Halloween! 

I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween fun - filled night! 

Boo Baskets!

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xoxo - Cherry