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Cute Halloween Candy-Corn Snack Hack!

Candy-Corn Snack Hack!

Hello Friends!

Today I wanted to share a super quick, easy, and YUMMY DIY Halloween snack for your littles. On the plus side, you may already have these products handy. That's always a plus!


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So, my kiddos are very picky eaters but they love when we try "new" sweet treats or snacks. They are not very fond of candy-corn! Do your littles like candy-corn?!

For this Halloween treat, you will need:

1. Glass Jars/Cups - I used Mason Jars that we purchased from Walmart which are linked below.

Ball, Glass Mason Jar with Lids and Bands, Regular Mouth, Clear, 16 oz, Single - $1.57

2. ORANGE: Oranges/Cuties - Cuties are a must every week, as my kiddos go through them in no time.

*** You can also use Mangoes, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, or even Pumpkin!

3. YELLOW: Pineapples! My personal fav!

*** You can also use Lemons, Popcorn, Yellow Apples or Yellow Pears.

4. WHITE: Whipped Cream - Definitely a favorite topping in our household!

You can also use Marshmallows, Yogurt, or Swiss Cheese blocks.

5. Construction Paper or Plain Paper for the Halloween Props: (Ghosts, Bats, Witches Hats, Pumpkins, etc.) Cookie Treat Sticks/Cake Pop sticks, or Lollipop Sticks, which are linked below. We used chopsticks for ours, as we already have a ton here at home! Glue or tape to put the Halloween props on the tops of the sticks.

Wilton Cookie Treat Sticks, 20-Count - $1.66

Before making the snacks, I started out by getting the Halloween props together first!

Once finished:

Add the ORANGE food of your choice in the bottom first.

Add the YELLOW food of your choice on top of the ORANGE second.

Then add the WHITE food or topping of your choice on top.

Lastly, place the sticks down into the jars through the snacks and enjoy!

If you make these, please share & tag me on Instagram so I can re-share! I cannot wait to see what you create and which foods you use for your Candy-Corn colored snack!

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xoxo - Cherry